Abortions Don’t Kill Babies, Sharks Kill Babies

September 12, 2009 at 1:28 am Leave a comment

Sarcastic, and on the 1 to 10 scale of ‘darkness of humor’ this is probably an 8.9

So there’s this whole news story about this guy who guns down two people for having anti-abortion signs, but the press is really making a mockery of this story. These protesters didn’t really care about the kids. If they had, then they wouldn’t have exposed them to such graphic images of abortion. You see, blowing up abortion clinics? That’s cool. Killing doctors who give abortions? Also fine. But if you think that you’re going to use images of the thing your protesting in a protest, then it’s your own damn fault when you get shot.

What's that doc?  My kid is gonna have the ugly?  Fucking kill that fetus now!

What's that doc? My kid is gonna have the ugly? Fucking kill that fetus now!

Now I’m pro-choice (probably the only serious statement in this post.) And this has given me a great idea. The next time I go to a pro-choice rally (see never) I’m going to hold up signs with pictures of people who probably should have been aborted. Maybe that way I can get shot by an angry anti-abortion man (or woman… well no, it would be a man) and garner sympathy for my cause, which is obviously what these people did, those crafty martyrs.


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