Why Socialism Doesn’t Work (Part 1 – Philosophy)

September 8, 2009 at 2:33 pm 2 comments

Serious, and not the least bit funny

I have been asked to explain why Socialism doesn’t work. This will be a multi-part post, this first part dealing with Socialism philosophically. As any informed Socialist will tell you, the philosophical underpinnings of Socialism come from Utilitarianism, often simplified as, “The most good for the most people.” Therefore, in this post I shall explain exactly why Utilitarianism sucks.

First off, even though I don’t like Utilitarianism, there are Utilitarians out there that I’m cool with. Basically there’s a test to see the difference between a harmless Utilitarian and somebody who should be smacked in the face with [insert weapon here] until they come to their senses. Ask any Utilitarian how they intend to help other people and you get one of two answers:

1) I intend to give up my time and money to help others (I’m cool with this.)

2) I intend to force others to help others because I know what’s best for the world (This is the bad one.)

Personal freedom HAS to come first. Voluntary altruism is fine. It builds community and there are often unforeseen reciprocal benefits. But when it’s imposed it just leads to government inefficiency and corruption.

Now to this a Socialist might say, “But Andrew! So what if voluntary altruism is better, that doesn’t mean that state run charity is bad. And the faults with corruption are because of a lack of maturity and honesty in people, not a fault in Utilitarianism!” And then I’d say, “WRONG!”

Have you ever heard this joke? “What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy?”

Answer: Gang rape.

The implication being that the nine rapists enjoyed it at the expense of the person being raped. Because Utilitarianism is concerned with “the most good for the most people” it does not protect against the majority harming any particular minority (be it racial, political, regional or ideological in nature) for their own benefit. So robbery and identity politics are the natural result of a political system based on Utilitarianism. Individual rights HAVE to come first in order for something like a democracy (based on majority rule) to work. Of course when certain liberal supreme court justices view the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as more like guidelines than rules, your individuals rights go out the window.

If you’d like to read more on the subject allow me to recommend a book that was meant to explain the philosophical faults with Utilitarianism to fourth graders (I’m not insulting your intelligence, it’s actually a pretty good book.)

Here’s a link to part 2


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  • 1. nitePhyyre  |  September 15, 2009 at 8:26 am

    “Personal freedom HAS to come first.”
    I would like to put it out there that you should back this statement up somewhat. It seems like you base everything you say around this idea. It is unsupported.

    “But when it’s imposed it just leads to government inefficiency and corruption.”
    Are you American? It sounds like it. In america, you take a 200 year old document and base your entire political system as if it was infallible. Never mind that the people who wrote it could never have dreamed of things like planes, nukes, internet, computers, etc. The political system was set up when there were what, a couple million people in the country? Now there are 450 million, and you wonder why the government is inefficient and corrupt.

    You say you want strict adherence to the constitution? I would prefer a strict adherence to the spirit the founders had when they wrote it. Jefferson said that a population should revolt, overthrow the government, every 20 years or so.

  • 2. andrewclunn  |  September 15, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Why must individual freedom come first?

    Are you American?

    Why stick to a strict interpretation of the Constitution?
    Because it provides methods for altering itself, so that it can (and has) adapt(ed) by removing slavery, giving equal rights to women, and various other changes.

    Jefferson thought that the people should overthrow there government every 20 years or so.
    And considering the religious assaults on personal freedom from theocrats like George W. and Obama, I’m very much inclined to agree. Jefferson is my favorite president and you’re probably not going to find any quotes by him that I haven’t already heard / read.


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