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Rummaging through my e-mails I noticed something that caught my eye at the time, but that I had sense forgotten about. I had received an e-mail from the White House regarding what health care reform would do. Now keep in mind that this is what will be done in the hypothetical bill that Obama supports (Or what they hope will be done). Now, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, so let’s just assume that everything in this official White House e-mail that I got is accurate and not in any ways simply hollow promises.
White House e-mail

The first thing you might notice is the part I highlighted referring to “out-of-pocket expenses.” WTF! Why is the White House using marketing double speak?! That scares the hell out of me!

Alright, but let’s look past that. Let’s focus on the “pre-existing conditions” part. Now what is a “pre-existing condition” you ask? Well, it’s when you’re already sick. So basically if somebody is overweight and has already had two heart attacks an insurance company might deny them coverage on the grounds that, they’re likely to have another heart attack and die any day now. Now Obama calls this discrimination. Did you know that if you can’t get insurance for your home (because you build it in the flood plains, or near an active volcano or some other stupid place to build a home) that the government will cover you using taxpayer money? Yep! Your home has a “pre-existing condition” that means that ensuring it wouldn’t make any god-damn sense. So the only logical conclusion is to make the tax payers pay for it. Starting to see a parallel?

The third point is a bit of a shock to me. Insurance used to cover things that aren’t unexpected? Do I buy auto-insurance to pay for gas, or homeowners insurance to pay for a new paint job? No. Insurance is supposed to be about covering unforeseen problems, otherwise costs will skyrocket, because then everyone needs to be covered for everything, even if they don’t need everything.

The forth part I can totally agree with. If you have insurance and then you get sick, that’s why you’ve got insurance, and attempting to cut costs by denying legitimate claims is wrong, but wait… Isn’t it also illegal? So how will new laws fix what they already supposedly have fixed?

The fifth (I assume) is related to the fact that certain genders are more likely to have certain problems. Women get breast cancer more often and men have heart attacks more often (to give two examples.) Insurance companies know this and take it into account. Is that wrong? Well that’s a topic that probably requires it’s own post.

People are aware of any maximums when they buy a policy. If you take those out then costs will increase across the board.. I have the right to buy a cheaper plan with maximums if I want to.

Number seven is a load of crap. It’s not my fault if 26 year old “young adults” still live with mommy and daddy because they aren’t yet self-sufficient. The result here will be increased prices for all family plans because for some people the movie Step Brothers hit a little too close to home (And they want you to pay for it.)

The last means that people won’t leave their current insurance company once they’ve locked in the rate (and so the rates will rise for younger people who typically would get health insurance more cheaply.) Unless Obama isn’t intending to lock in the rates, in which case this legislation would mean nothing as insurance companies would just raise the premiums to “price out” the sick.

On a more personal note let me say this. I will die some day. I know this. I’m also an Atheist, so death is a pretty serious thing in my mind, but I wouldn’t ever think of saddling future generations with debt or using the government to rob other people for my own benefit. If you want to help the poor, then more power to you. Go help them! You have my blessing, but my life is my responsibility, not yours; and when a politician says ‘free’ you can bet that it isn’t.


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