The Power Of The Straw Man

August 13, 2009 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment

Oh how I wish this post were Sarcastic…

So are you having trouble making a convincing argument? Are you worried that you might be wrong, and that certain questions might expose the problems with a position that you’ve taken? Then have I got a sure fire plan for you. It’s called the “Straw Man.”

sarah palinFirst all you have to find is somebody who isn’t too bright and doesn’t agree with you. Found somebody yet? Well good. Now give this person a microphone. No really, do it. They’re going to start trashing your position and saying all kinds of horrible things about what you believe, but remember, they’re stupid. Eventually they’ll say something so idiotic that nobody in their right mind would believe it. Then all you have to do is point out how ridiculous they are and everyone will assume that if they don’t agree with you, then they’ll look just as ridiculous as the idiot with the microphone. Well okay, not everyone, but enough to pass a bill at least. This works even better if you have friends in the media who enjoy Card Stacking, to promote your message by type casting your opponents.

Democrats of DeathWait, what’s that? You’re the idiot with the microphone, and somebody is setting you up as the Straw Man? Don’t worry yourself. You can fight back with an even better Straw Man. Just accept that you’re stupid, so eventually you’ll say something dumb anyways. So why not make your gaff so outrageous, so headline friendly that the news media just has to pick it up? Now they’ll start repeating your lie so much and so often that uninformed citizens that can’t be bothered to actually read laws before they take a position (see politicians) will start to believe your lies! Just remember though, it has to be a Straw Man. It can’t be something good about your position; it needs to be something horrific or disturbing about the opposition.

Oh, what’s that? You a normal citizen trying to find the real facts and positions among all the Straw Men you see on TV? Well then here’s the only thing you really need to see. The full text of the House Bill for health care reform.


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