There’s No Need To Be Mean

July 25, 2009 at 7:10 pm Leave a comment


When we’re young we all just say what we think and feel, no matter who it hurts or offends, but eventually we learn that other people have feelings and that we need to be sensitive and caring about them. Now I know that there are competing political ideologies in this country (I live in the United States) right now. Those on the right want to reduce swearing and attacks against people’s religious views, while those on the left want to reduce racial, gay, and sexist humor, and everyone wants us to stop making fun of people who are fat, stupid, or poor people.

There’s a simple solution in all of this. Don’t make fun of anyone. Don’t judge anyone. Don’t have standards. If you can avoid thinking that fit healthy people are better than obese people and that intelligent productive people are better than lazy people (or at least just keep those thoughts private) then we can all live much more peacefully with one another. After all, nobody actually has thick skin and is courageous enough to be themselves despite public ridicule (that’s just fairy tale heroes and other made up characters.) Also, nothing good ever came from letting people speak their mind when what they might say could hurt somebody’s feelings. Freedom of speech doesn’t include yelling, “FIRE!” in a crowded room because it might cause bodily harm. We need to start worrying about keeping people from causing emotional harm too.


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