The Lamest Propaganda Ever

July 10, 2009 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

EDIT – It appears that my linked video (showing MSN engaging in blatant propaganda) has been removed from YouTube. Now I’m just waiting for Google to take down all the videos showing Fox news as propaganda as well because Google (which owns YouTube) clearly isn’t biased… still waiting…

EDIT EDIT – Found the video reposted. YouTube > news media jerk-offs

That fire just blitzkrieged us!

That fire just blitzkrieged us!

So during a recent internet search I noticed that the “Objectivist Party” (a small third party political group) is trying to expand their membership with a new campaign. What’s their brilliant idea? A, “Have you read Atlas Shrugged yet?” campaign. Now I’ve been privy to some lame propaganda in my day, but a campaign to encourage people to read a 1,300 page book? If you are attempting to push your crazy pro-capitalist, pro-individualism, anti-religion ideology on people then maybe you should try something more subtle than a novel that could kill small animals if dropped on them (Complete with a 70 page-long speech!) I actually bothered to attempt to read the full SparkNotes chapter summaries of the book (what a LONG read) and I can tell you that even if the campaign works in getting people to read the book, it won’t make many converts.

Propaganda isn’t supposed to be long meticulous arguments! Nobody listens to those. If you want to control what people think, then you need to use ad hominem attacks, vague meaningless rhetoric and false characterizations of anyone that opposes you. And it doesn’t hurt to package it into flashy sound bites or associative imagery to give credibility to your emotional appeals. But I guess some people just never bothered to learn how to make a convincing argument.


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