Who Needs Facts When You Have Polls?

June 25, 2009 at 4:24 pm Leave a comment


When deciding what your opinion is on an issue, what should you go by? We live in a democracy, so the best strategy is to go based on whatever everyone else thinks. Even if you’re wrong, this way at least a lot of people agree with you. So, I’m very happy with a modern trend in the news media that emphasizes the importance of polls. What should I think about Obama’s new health care plan? ABC News has made it easy to understand the issue with this report summarizing people’s opinions on health care reform.

– 62% of people support creating a government-funded entity to offer health insurance to those who don’t get it elsewhere.
– 37% of Americans support a government plan if private insurers couldn’t compete.
– 43% of people are satisfied with “the overall health care system in this country.”

So (based on these polls) I should firmly support the government providing health care to those that don’t have it, while not competing with private insurers, and be moderately satisfied with our current system. Some people might argue that this is disingenuous or nonsensical, that opinions should be based on facts or that the above opinions are impossible to hold simultaneously without being hypocritical.

These people just don’t realize that in a modern society we interact with people and socially constructed realities much more than the actual real world, so the way to get ahead is to suck up to superiors and be liked rather than be productive. Basically it’s more important to have popular opinions than correct ones, which is why you should ALWAYS go along with the crowd. Asking questions will only make people dislike you.


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